Hello & Welcome to my blog.

A little about me..

I’m Jacki, a 20 something Navy Wife. I am a substitute teacher as well as a online student going for my BA in Psychology & Education. My Husband [JC] is my everything, he is my shoulder to cry on and my best friend.We have 2 furbabies, a cat & a dog. We currently live in Japan, we got here in Dec. 2009, and are already looking forward to moving back to the states in 2 years time. I love scrapbooking and reading, I like going on adventures and seeing new sights.

About this blog..

Writing has never been a strong suit for me, and you prolly can see that in my writing, but I didnt create this blog thinking I was the best out there. I created this blog as an outlet, as another voice, I wanted to show the world me & express myself through my post. I want this blog to be fun, and I want to meet other great bloggers as well!

**The content posted on this blog are my opinions and experiences, I do not represent any employer or agency. The opinions of others are strickly their own and I am not responsible or reliable for their actions. Any photographs posted are my own, unless stated otherwise.**