Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Money Money Money!!! Hubby & I finally are buckling down to get on top of our finances, by November of 2011 we will be completely debt free. We want to be able to save as much money as we can before we go back to the states. His paychecks are pretty steady, so it will be really easy to judge how much we can put away every month. I am really excited about this, and even though money will be tight since were putting it away or pushing more towards our bills I am glad that it will be for a good reason.

I will be blogging about our journey to be debt free, and how we manage to be debt free in 15 months! We have 3 credit cards and 4 loans left to pay off, I am really glad that [JC] is on board with this and is taking an active part to help get us on top.

Now it's time to get back to work! :-)


  1. Are you doing the Dave Ramsey plan? Once we are done PCSing we are buckling down and doing the Dave Ramsey plan. I am so excited about it. Good luck and sounds like you have a great plan!

  2. That is fantastic. I wish I can be debt free, but I don't make enough to pay off my student loans, mortgage, etc. GOOD LUCK!!

  3. Many positive thoughts! We too are debt-free & it is such an amazing feeling! We did the Dave Ramsey snowball thing.