Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh the joys of planning..

I am a planner, I love calenders & I have about 5 of them spread out around my house. Schedules keep me sane, If I can write in on the calender im happy, if not I go a little crazy.

So why am I telling you about my slight obsession? Well it's because when I started this blog I declared July my planning month, I gave myself the whole month to get my ideas together and my thoughts. I also gave myself the month to heal, in the past month I have been through a lot and I need to recover. If my post are sporadic or random, please excuse the chaos & hang in there with me.

So as far as planning I have made some progress, I have some ideas for some postings & I would like your opinion, let me know if you like the idea or not, and what you would post.. Im totally new at this and will eventually get the hang of it.


30 days of me- I have seen a few other bloggers do it, and would like to give it a try. It will put me out there and maybe some other bloggers will join me and we can get to know one another that way.
365 project- take a picture everyday for 365 days. I was thinking of making this 2 parts..the picture and then a quote or word of the day.. I dont know yet.
Workouts-Im going to start getting serious about fitness, I will prolly document what im doing in some form or another.
goal list- I see people do the 30 before 30. or 101 in 1001 and I love the idea of having a list, so I might add one of my own.
daily top 5-This is mainly to keep my blogging and active, I would come up with a topic and answer with the top 5..
books-I love reading & I need to read more and read books I might not normally read, so I would like to set a goal for how many books to read in a time period.. & list the books to read, that way I will venture out more.
Post Series-this is my "Growing up Carnie" series that im hoping to have up soon, but im not sure right now.
build a better blog challenge-I would like to do this 'one' day.. I just started blogging so im going to hold off on a bit, but if anyone is ever interested let me know!

Okay so that is the jist of it.. Its a lot, and I like a challenge & this blog is for me and just for fun. I would like to gain a lot of followers and make this a big blog one day, but right now its baby steps and my own imagination. :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Hi Jacki,

    Got an award for you....Come and get it!


  2. I love lists and organizing, too!

  3. Hi Jacki, I found your blog through Marianne at Diary of a Fickle Woman. I have pages for books I've read and goals. I love that our blog supports those extra pages. I blog over at if you ever want to take a look. Good luck with your blog.