Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 5&6

Day 5: Favorite Quote
"You can give me a million reasons why I shouldn’t have to go through this… I can give you a million reasons why I’m proud to do it." -Unknown.

This is my favorite quote, it explains what i go through as a military wife. It actually means a lot to me.

Day 6: Whatever tickles your fancy

So for whatever tickles my fancy I am doing a July month in review..
I got to see my husband this month, he was still on emergency leave for what we went through in June, so we got to spend 4th of July together. We got to see Blue October in concert which was awesome. Other than that not much has been going on, we our back in deployment mode and I am waiting to hear about a job.
I am looking forward to August though, Im hoping it is a better month.


  1. What a great quote! I have never heard it before now, but I totally am in love with it!

  2. I hopped over from Blog Frog via the thread Describe your blog in 3 words. Enjoyed it very much, especially the post on ordering by pictures on the menu. As for the green tea sundae I probably never would have even tasted it.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog, I am doing the same Daily Topic thing, though I just started today.

    My husband is in the Navy too, and we are looking at either Japan or Italy next. For now, it's Hawaii :)