Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am dropping the ball here..

Where is my motivation? If you find it will you please send it back to me, I would really appreciate it. Things have been crazy busy around here, which is a good thing, but somethings have to take the fall, and blogging took the fall last month.

I swtched somethings up with my 101 in 1001, I know your prolly not suppose to, but I did. I removed things that we petty and added things I wanted to really accomplish. I have already accomplished 6 goals! To me that is amazing that in one month I can accomplish 6 things, go me! So far I have accomplished:
  1.Cook on a grill - I cooked hotdogs on my friends grill, they were delicious.
  2.Ask JC 15 questions that I don't know about him- he thought is was cool that I was digging up        questions to ask on things I had no clue what the answers were.
  3.Wake up before 9am for 30 days-I did it! I love my sleep so I thought this was going to be a challenge, but it wasn't. Now I just need to move it to 8, then 7 then 6!
  4.Go on a $400 shopping spree- this is not somehting I can really ever do, but I did it!! I got some new clothes from Forever 21 for my birthday, and it was the best. I love all my new clothes!
  5.Own a "little black dress"-wait until you see this dress, it is smokin'!
  6.Get dress boots- boots in Japan are a big thing and i fell in love, last winter I didn't get any, but I did this year. I can't wait till it starts really cooling down so I can wear them.
So there is my list so far, I have started on some other goals and will be marking them off as I go. I am trying to accomplish all of them before we leave Japan(summer 2012), just because I think it would be cool to accomplish everything before then, but I know some of them can't be done until after.

I have been debating starting some blog challenges, most of them are 30 day challenges and while that is great, I will most likely loose interest in it. Plus with this deployment coming to a close it might not be the best timing. We shall see.

Okay that is all I have for now, I just got back from the Dentist, so Im going to baby myself and curl up and watch a movie on the couch. :)

Have a Fantastic Wednesday!

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  1. Love your goal list!
    You outta just make a page of GOALS!
    That would be cool:) Motivation for others, too.

    Great blog!